Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mooovin' On Up Over the Hill

Happy Birthday Kevin!! It's the big 40!

Today is Kevin's birthday and I always try to do something "special". Well this weekend I am helping out with a Tell Me a Story project here and the book is about a cow. The group in charge of the program has been advertising by going around in a cow costume. Luckily I am friends with the person who currently has the cow suit so I decided it would be fun to pay Kevin a little visit at the office. We got the best reactions! Kevin laughed so hard. The best part was the other Soldiers in the section looking at us like we were crazy.

Happy birthday Kevin, I hope everyday is as fun as today was!

*Note, that is not me in the costume, that is my friend who loved me enough to wear the costume*

Moo cow could not get in the truck. We were parked in a reserved spot for some high ranking Air Force person. Someone was about to approach us and tell us to move I'm sure but when they saw the large cow they walked away...lol


iRgruntwife said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh! I love it!!!!!

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