Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Facts About Me Part 2

I know, I know you just couldn't wait to read more interesting facts about me! So here is part 2!

1. I believe everything is a Kodak moment and carry my camera with me everywhere
2. I performed with my show choir in high school
3. I was also in the band and I'm proud of it!
4. I received the John Phillips Sousa Award and the Semper Fidelis Award my senior year in high school
5. In 2010 I volunteered over 1000 hours and that was pretty much over the last 6 months since I was on hiatus the first 6 months
6. I have lived in 11 states and 1 foreign country
7. I was the shortest person in my class when I went to Air Assault School. The instructors didn't think I'd be able to do some of the obstacles...I was able to do them ALL
8. I got to have dinner with Gary Sinise in 2009, probably one of the highlights of my life.
9. I was a Cub Scout leader for over 7 years
10. I have 3 main emails that I use, depending on my relationship with people dictates which email I give out
11. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias, it still makes me cry
12. I never liked indoor pets and now I have two very spoiled dogs
13. It bothers me when someone is briefing/teaching/public speaking with candy or gum in their mouth
14. I am always at least 10 minutes early, drives me crazy when people are late or start things late
15. I own two button making machines
16. I also own two laminators
17. I could probably open my own office supply store, it's quite ridiculous.
18. I rarely drink milk and only on the first day I buy it
19. I own over 16 Precious Moments coloring books that have never been colored in
20. We have about a dozen Monopoly games I refuse to play
21. I have a strong personality that keeps people from trying to get to know me
21. I truly have a desire to help people
22. I suddenly forgot what number came after 21!
23. I have a hard time saying no to my kids when they want to buy a book
24. When we moved from TX to here, we had over 100 boxes of books
25. Today my husband has served in the Military for 22 years!


Megan said...

Would you believe I've never seen Steel Magnolias? lol

That is great your husband has served so long! You are still serving in a way, too, as a spouse and mom! :)

Thanks for sharing some more of your facts!

Amanda said...

Steel Magnolias Is one of my 2 favorites!! I even only have it on VHS that is how long ago I bought it-LOL I need to upgrade- I know. My other is Terms of Endearment- also only on VHS.