Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Useless Crap

My friend "D" tagged me in a post on her FB showing this video. Yes, I have a lot of fun kitchen tools and I actually do use most of them. This video is funny. I own most of the items she is showing so it made me laugh. I do not own a grilled cheese pan though or the concord bottle opener, lol.

What kind of useless crap do you have in your kitchen?

One of my nonsense purchases is a double deep fryer. It's useless because I don't use it like I thought I would. It seems like a waste of oil! So it sits on my fridge collecting dust.


Paula said...

That video is hysterical! I have stuff that I never use. Some of it my husband actually brought into this house. He'd buy every stupid thing on the informercials he sees if I didn't stop him.
I try to use Alton Brown's rule, if it's only good for one thing, don't buy it. It has to be a multi-tasker. Having said that, I have plenty of crap that only does one thing.

Christy said... it and can so relate