Friday, October 01, 2010

More Tragedy at Fort Hood

Not only at Fort Hood but everywhere around the Army. It's all over the news, the suicides of four Soldiers at Hood over this past weekend. We also had one here at Fort Leonard Wood. It's devastating. I pay close attention to the Department of Defense Casualty List. I am often questioned as to why I do that and it's because I feel our Fallen deserve the moments I spend reading their names and learning a little bit about who they are. Suicides don't always make it to the front of any pages. But it's becoming more and more common and it is really heartbreaking.

There was a lot of talk about the suicides at Hood this past weekend and it made me so sad. I became sadder when I read the names and found out one of them was someone we actually knew. Kevin served with him for a while and I worked with him as an FRG leader while the brigade was deployed. It just makes me so sad because it is so unexpected and we are left wondering why?

As you can see the common theme for this post is sad. The Army is trying hard to get visibility about help for those who feel this is their only option. We are praying for all the families who are affected by acts like this. And today our hearts are heavy for the family of our friend, despite the action that took his life, he is a Hero who served his country with pride and courage.


Paula said...

This makes me sad too. I too, read the DOD casualty list. My husband doesn't get it and calls me the Queen of Death. I, like you, think that someone needs to read that name, think about that life and have a moment to show a little respect. Sometimes I even google their names and read about them. I cry every single time.
I don't understand suicide. I don't get why anyone would think that's the only way out and I think it must be a tortured soul. I will pray for all involved. I am sorry for YOUR loss too.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad, as well. I read the casualty list and mourn for each and every one; celebrating their lives! The tears are a common place in my life, but they are not tears of sadness for the solider but the solider's family and friends.

I am sorry for YOUR loss!

WolfleyFamily said...

We were hit very personally by this exact topic back in August. Not only did a soldier that Greg worked with commit suicide, he committed suicide following injuries sustained by an IED during a deployment that he shouldn't have been on - he had volunteered with another soldier to go in Greg's place. The whole unit had only been home from Iraq for 6 months when they got called back up. Greg had just enrolled back into school and found out through the grapevine that he was on the call-up list, but before they notified him, this soldier & another soldier requested to be sent instead. We didn't know anything about it until they were literally enroute back to Iraq. It's very difficult to describe in words what it felt like to hear of this soldier's suicide knowing that he had taken Greg's place.