Friday, July 02, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 28

Your year in detail...

Wow..let me see how I do on this...we'll go from July-July

July 2009 - my love had been home from Iraq just a couple weeks. He went to Boy Scout camp with the boys and then we headed to North Dakota for his 20th year high school reunion. I was pretty lucky because on our way back to Fort Hood, I got to stop and see my best from my time in Nebraska and her awesome family.

August 2009 - We got to visit with friends in San who was beginning his career in the Army and the other finishing up his time. The boys started 8th grade, 6th grade and 3rd grade. Kevin and I got to see Wicked and it was AWESOME! We also had our Brigade Change of Command and begin our season of change. Kevin and I did a Run for the Fallen in memory of our Fallen friends.

September 2009 - We added our baby girl Zoe to our family. The older boys earned their Canoe Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. Kevin and I attended a marriage retreat held by our unit chaplain. I got to meet General Dunwoody (the only female 4 star General!) Kevin and I and our friends went and did some Soldier Angeling at the Waco VA Hospital to help with their Patient Fair and had a great time. I can still close my eyes and see Kevin interacting with the Vietnam Vet...yeah...that was awesome. Our PCS transition started with them packing up our stuff to move.

October 2009 - The big thing was obviously moving from Hood to lovely FLW. Most of this month...actually pretty much all of it was spent hoping and praying for a house on post. We lived in a decent pet cottage but we were ready for our own home.

November 2009 - we moved into our house and spent most of the month getting settled. Even though we were no longer at Hood, the shooting there on November 5th shook us to our core. We spent out first Thanksgiving together in 5 years!

December 2009 -We attended our Inaugural Ball for our Brigade. It was fun. We got to spend Christmas together! Woohoo! We went down to Osage Beach and attended Main Street Musical and had a lot of fun! Michael got to march in a Parade with his Marching Band.

January 2010- Kevin started a class that would last 9 weeks. We felt lucky to be stationed here because that meant he could come home every day unlike the majority of his class. Neil turned 12 and worked on a science fair project that he got a lot of compliments on! We got family pictures taken.

February 2010 - Daniel got braces to help fix his bite. He also earned his Wolf rank in Cub Scouts. We bought Michael is own bassoon. Daniel also got glasses (the older boys updated their frames).

March 2010 - Kevin and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Michael turned 14 and Kevin turned 39. Kevin graduated from his Senior Leader Course and Daniel got his braces off. Neil managed to break his foot. Kevin and the older boys attended a Boy Scout Camporee and had a blast!

April 2010 - Neil got his cast off and got braces on his teeth! We had our Boy Scout Court of Honor where Neil earned his First Class Rank and Michael earned his Life.

May 2010 - The boys and Kevin got to go on a Father/Son campout and had way too much fun. We got to go to Osage Beach for a day of fun that included a day on the boat, hiking, a fishing derby, yummy food and lots of free goodies. It was all part of a Troop Appreciation Day. School got out. Kevin and I started volunteering at the USO together.

June 2010 - I turned 34, Daniel turned 9. Michael had his best friend come visit for 2 weeks. I stepped up as Volunteer Program Manager for our AFTB program here at FLW. All three boys and I went to Cub Scout Day Camp. I volunteered for the USO Bike Run and a USO food drive. Kevin and the boys went to Boy Scout Camp.

July 2010- the month just started so who knows what is in store for us!

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