Thursday, June 24, 2010

30 Days of Us - Day 19

A talent of yours...


This was a hard one to think of but I would have to say I have a talent for public speaking or teaching. I love to teach. I'm not currently teaching in a traditional sense as I don't go to a classroom every day of the week. Being a Stay-at-home mom right now is very important to me, even as my kids get older, so I volunteer.

The main organization I volunteer with requires me to teach many classes. As I've been with this program for a while now, my opportunities have expanded and I've been asked to brief different groups or facilitate different groups. I am rarely intimidated, in fact I can't remember really the last time I was. I feel completely comfortable in front of a large group of people speaking.

I feel lucky that I can teach almost anything handed to me without little preparation (but if you know me, I prepare for most things...a lot, lol). I feel comfortable on that type of platform and I think that is a talent because there are many who feel sick at even the thought of it.

I've had the pleasure of meeting amazing people through my instructing and I have been able to really connect with some of the students or attendees of my classes/briefings.

Kevin's talent is that he is a natural with kids. I know people say that they are but there are few who I have seen connect like he can. It's like he smells like sugar cookies or something because kids love him! I love that about him, it makes me smile to think of him becoming a human jungle gym for kids. He knows how to make each kid feel special even among a large group of kids. He's a special guy.

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USMCWIFE said...

I think you should go get your teaching certificate. Lord knows we could use more good teachers. Plus think of the benefits, home when the kids are and summers off!