Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes...Part 2

Sometimes I have a bad day...just like everyone else in the world.

Sometimes I write about it on MY blog.

Sometimes people read it (obviously I don't mind or I wouldn't have it open for the world to see).

Sometimes those people are rude and leave me little scathing comments.

Sometimes those comments make me laugh, roll my eyes..

Sometimes those comments piss me off.

Sometimes I want to remind people that they whine more on their blog then I ever do on mine.

Sometimes I want to tell people to self-evaluate.

Sometimes we all need to vent and get it out.

Sometimes we don't need people to be rude and tell us what THEY think we need to hear.

Sometimes I want to remind people that I live in this little place called reality.

Sometimes I want to remind those same people that half the time they don't.

Sometimes I join them in their fantasy world.

Sometimes they don't like it and remind me that I'm supposed to be strong.

Sometimes I don't want to be nor can I be.

Sometimes I have my moments of doubt and vulnerability.

Sometimes it's nice to have others acknowledge that.

It appears to some that those SOMETIMES are not allowed.

Sometimes I keep those thoughts to myself.

Sometimes I don't.


John, Heather, Emma and Lily said...

I really enjoy hearing YOU when you blog! Keep it coming - you're the kind of person I wish everyone had the opportunity to know.

HellcatBetty said...

Sometimes I wanna hit people for being meanies. Hey, I'm a first grade teacher, I can say meanies. And you're my friend and you're allowed to say whatever you darn well please on YOUR blog. Anyone who has a problem with that can piss off and not read it.

The Partridge Family said...

I completely agree with Betty. If they have a problem with your blog they can just not read it. I love your blog. You are so down to earth and have some of the funniest stories i have ever heard. So...sometimes....people actually want you to be who you are...not who they want you to be.

Shamae said...

I like your blog! I love the open, honesty about it. I still think you rock...even is SOME people are strange.

I was also gonna leave you a blog addy. It's a friend of mine whose hubby is being deployed in Sept for a year. I didn't know if you wanted to or not, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind you popping by. I'm sure it's nice to talk to people who really "get" military life. The rest of us can sympathize, but I know it's different if you are the one actually living the deployment every day. Take care Nadine.

Shamae said...

Forgot to leave the addy...

Jenny said...

You go girl!