Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday - Perspective

*I actually wrote this in August 2009 as we were preparing to move...I wrote it for a blog I was contributing to at the time, I thought I'd share it here since I seem to be talking to a lot of people lately about perspective*

I love being an Army wife. It makes me happy and gives me so much joy. On occasion it brings me much sadness. It all evens out.

This morning I sat on my front porch watching the sun rise over Fort Hood, TX. I sat back and listened to the bugle call signifying the start of the duty day. I smiled as I reflected about our time here at "The Great Place".

We have lived here for almost 5 years. It's been quite a journey here. We have experienced great joy and great sadness. It is said in the Bible that one can't truly appreciate one without the other and I think that is true.

In about 5 or so weeks, we will be bidding farewell and moving on to our next duty station, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. We are very excited about the new adventure the Army will send us on. We look forward to the new experiences awaiting us.

I truly believe Army life and how you live it depends on your perspective. We've learned many lessons here. We've had many laughs and many tears but we will leave here stronger then ever, as individuals and as a family.

In the 5 years we have lived here, our Soldier has went to Iraq twice. Both times we faced trials and tribulation. We faced some of the heaviest burdens our hearts have carried to date. We have heard TAPS played in remembrance of our Fallen Friends and shed silent tears as we heard their names repeated over and over during Final Roll Call. We have heard the deafening cheers of families awaiting the unloading of the buses that carried their Soldiers home after a very long 12-15 months apart. We have somewhere in the midst of all that dealt with our own fears and joys and mixed emotions.

We have picked up many friends along this journey, more to add to our extended family, one of the greatest perks of being a military family. Relationships that carry through time and miles.

Yes, as the sun is now almost fully risen, I can see that life here at Fort Hood has been good to us.

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.


Julie the Army Wife said...

That is lovely! We leave Germany in 2 weeks and I have so many emotions about it too. So much has happened here.

Amy said...

you are such a great writer and know how to put things so eloquently. it is always hard to leave a place but somehow I am not too sad because I know a new adventure awaits us!

Jenny said...

Hi Nadine, Jenny Lykins here. Love your post! Have a great day.