Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday School Funnies

After quite a few years of serving in different callings in our church, we are able to attend Sunday School. I have to say for a while I was pretty nervous about going in there because I don't consider myself a very good scriptorian (is that a word?) Well after 3 weeks, I have to say I am quite enjoying it. I really enjoy the good laughs I get in there. We always have good discussion and I learn a lot but we always get a good giggle out of one comment. I thought I'd start sharing them and hopefully provide you all with a giggle too.

Week One:

We were discussing how we answer questions about the gospel. The teacher was giving the example of a child asking why the sky is blue to which one of the elderly gentlemen in the class responded "Because Heavenly Father loves the Infantry!" (gotta love being in a military ward).

Week Two:

We were discussing about how 1/3 of Heavenly Father's children followed Satan therefore not receiving a mortal body. As the discussion went on, the teacher shared her thoughts about how she thinks that not all of the 2/3's who followed our Savior were 100% on board with His plan but followed anyway. She said, maybe they didn't really care so much. One of the men in the room asked, "Are those who weren't 100% on board the Democrats?"

Week Three:

Today after reading quite a lengthy set of verses, the teacher called on one of the men sitting in the front to tell us all what they meant..the man looked up and said "oh, I wasn't listening".

Just some random funnies...


John, Heather, Emma and Lily said...

Loved the infantry comment! Great blog!

WolfleyFamily said...

LOL! Is it bad that the democrat comment made me laugh the hardest? :))

Christy said...

ROFL! I LOVE the democrat answer! hehe!!