Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Boy

So as I already mentioned today is Neil's birthday, he turned the big one two (12). Poor kid started his birthday kind of rough. He has been complaining that his tooth was hurting, but it wasn't consistent pain. We had some concerns because this same tooth landed him in the hospital 2 1/2 years ago. The fact that we could have lost him due to a serious infection lingers in my mind so I admit to being overprotective. Throw in that this is my Neil (those who know us on a very personal level will know what that means). So all of that has us a bit concerned. Kevin was right on it this morning when he woke up Neil and saw that his face was a bit warm and swollen. He didn't even give me a choice really about taking him to the ER. He got ready to go in. This was hard for me to let him do (yes, I'm a bit of a control freak AND I've dealt with so much on my own that sometimes I forget I can count on my husband). But I did it and was even relatively calm about it. Kevin kept me updated via texting and we found out in probably the quickest Military ER visit EVER that Neil has a pretty serious sinus infection. When I say fast, I mean fast! They did blood draw, CT and the doctor visit in less then 2 hours! Kevin was home and Neil in jammies in less then 2 hours! CRAZY!

The other two boys and I went to church like normal so Kevin and Neil chilled at home with Neil resting until we got back. We had dinner and then gave him his cake and presents. He was a very happy boy with his chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that he requested and his gifts of a tank model and a mini-netbook.

The day started off a bit rocky but my baby boy had a good day overall.

Neil, we love you, so much, what a blessing you are in our lives. I feel so blessed to know the Lord gave such a special spirit for us to raise.

Happy Birthday!

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Bringhurst Family said...

This is interesting because I'm having all these teeth problems and someone asked me if it could be my sinus'. Has he been complaining about the sinus' at all?