Saturday, December 05, 2009

Is it hard to say "excuse me"?

Did I miss the memo where etiquette has been phased out?

I know, I know...I need to learn to lower my expectations.

Let me say, that my kids are far from perfect, I know this, but really we have been blessed that our kids are for the most part pretty good kids.

This morning we attended a Breakfast with Santa and it just really amazed at how rude some people were. I literally got a bottle of syrup taken out of my hand as I was getting ready to pour someone who had butted in line to get the syrup. I mean she did giggle as she took it, so I guess that made it okay. If she had asked before she grabbed, I would have given it to her. Not even a minute later, Kevin was about to pour syrup on his pancakes when a kid snatched the bottle out of his hand! I was like, really?

Later, as we were helping to clean up, a bunch of kids were snacking on some of the leftovers. After a while, my kids followed suit. I reminded them nicely that we don't walk around eating, when we throw our plates away , that means we are done. I actually had a lady who stopped, stared at me and then walked stiffly away from me. For the record, I didn't say a thing to anyone's kids but my own. This is something that we teach our kids because it's rude and unsanitary. I didn't say it loud enough where anyone but my kids and this lady could hear (only because she was standing close enough to hear me). A few minutes later as Michael was helping another kid vacuum the floor, they had to keep stopping because people would walk in their way or when they got to certain places, there would be a gaggle of adults talking and they wouldn't move, even when the boys said "excuse me." Other adults were walking around eating and dropping crumbs all over the floor where the boys had just vacuumed. It just really makes me wonder about people.

I decided we better leave before I was annoyed even more. I made the mistake of stopping at the commissary for a few things. We were bumped into, shoved past and not one utter of a "pardon me" or "excuse me". Neil almost got knocked over by some girl who shoved past him. Then the mom gave us a dirty look like we were wrong. I seriously wanted to forget I had any form of manners and slap her.

What happened to manners? Sure, my kids forget, what kid doesn't but I correct immediately. It really makes me sad that etiquette seems to be a practice that is dying out.

I am really thinking I have some unrealistic expectations...but I don't care, I'll still enforce the practice of respect and manners in my kids...


A.J. said...

I agree. I have no idea how other people raise their kids or raise themselves for that matter. They are rude,and think they are in the right. I understand that people can get in a hurry and it's one of the things that annoys me alot, but I wish people wouldn't shove past someone in line (either at the commissary or elsewhere). It is very wrong! Thank you for teaching YOUR children manners. If I ever come across them, I'll remember that their parents raised them right and say "excuse me" to them as well. :)

Amy said...

I hate when I'm at the commisary or walmart pushing my stroller and pulling my cart behind me and people stop right in front of me after they look at me. Drives me nuts!

Drea said...

First off I totally agree with you, but the other day I wanted to toss ALL manners out the window and just plow over a family at the local Henry's Markeplace (kinda like Whole Foods). It was an entire family standing waiting for their elderly member finish getting fruit off the display but they took up the entire aisle, I'd asked a few times to please excuse me and they all looked at me like I was insane. I repeated it 3 times and they continued to look at me as if I should've gone around - now granted maybe they didn't speak English, but must I learn every language in the world just to push through to the end of the aisle? I also could've just gone around the aisle as well, but I had ANOTHER family blocking me from behind and this family was taking up any room I had to turn around, so I was blocked in. After 3 attempts I just went ahead and plowed on through and got cussed out - IN ENGLISH - about how rude that was. I just chose to ignore it cause I wasn't about to go at blows in Henry's when I still had to tackle the rudness in the commissary as well. It was a day, much like yours!