Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Inaugural Ball

This past Saturday, we attended the "Inaugural Ball" for Kevin's new brigade. One of the things I love most about the Army is all the customs and courtesies they continue to partake in. Military balls are one of those customs. Though I will admit that this one almost seemed like just a night to dress up and no real purpose behind it. Yeah, yeah it's the "Inaugural Ball" since the Brigade just stood up over a year ago but that really means they haven't done much in a year.

Before I venture further, I do admit that the last couple balls I've attended had real meaning to me and my heart. Especially the 8-10 Cavalry Ball, my mind always revisits that ball with smiles and maybe a few tears, there was so much sentiment behind that ball.

So this ball to me was more about appearance and doing the right thing in supporting Kevin and his new position. It wasn't a bad experience but the fact that we didn't really know anyone since we are still new didn't help. The food was good, the guest speaker was pretty good and there was a lot of pride in that building. I met some of Kevin's coworkers and their wives, all who were really nice, so it wasn't a total lost cause.

Most of all, I think I enjoyed it because it gave me an excuse to check out my hot Soldier in his dress blues. There is just something about them blues! Overall a good night, nothing to brag about or really share. I didn't even take many pics (shocking, I know!).

What other profession gives you the opportunity to dress up and feel like a princess for a night? But instead of Prince Charming, you get to spend an evening with a HOT man in uniform who spends his days defending his country...

I really wish this picture came out better. It was part of the "GROG" ceremony and one of the guys from Kevin's section did his part in full MOPP gear, it was pretty awesome and really the hit of the ceremony, lolRockin' his Gold Spurs...he earned them, he should wear them!

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WolfleyFamily said...

Awesome! Greg earned gold spurs while over in Iraq with 3RD ACR :)) Looks like you guys had a nice evening :)