Friday, December 04, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is a conversation we had in the fall of 2005 as we prepared for Kevin to deploy to Iraq.
This is what our dinner conversations seem to sound like lately...

Daniel (4) - Dad when do you go to Iraq...

Neil (7) - do they have chicken wings in Iraq?

Michael (9) - no dummy they eat MRE's in Iraq

Kevin - Michael don't call your brother dummy, Neil, they might, Daniel, not til after Halloween.

Daniel - do they have Halloween in Iraq.

Kevin - baby, some kids don't have food in Iraq, they don't even get to dress up. But maybe someday.

Daniel - we can send them Halloween candy, huh dad

Kevin, we can do that.

Neil - people die in Iraq, huh dad

Kevin - yes, people have died in Iraq

Neil - soldiers die

Kevin - yes, soldiers die

Neil - are you gonna die in Iraq, dad?

Kevin - I'm going to try my hardest to come home to you guys.

Michael - we can pray for daddy and all the soldier's to come home safe...daddy and Christi and Sean's dad Mike

Daniel - ChristiANA's dad, Mike, we pray for him, huh mom

Mom (me) only nods...can't speak

Kevin - well mommy made a good dinner, huh guys

subject changes to chicken

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