Thursday, September 17, 2009

Angeling at the VA Hospital

We had the opportunity to volunteer at the Patient Carnival at the VA Hospital in Waco. I have wanted to get more involved with Soldiers' Angels and I have been receiving emails about different events and just have not been able to get to one. Well yesterday, Kevin, myself and the Millhouses drove up to help at the Patient Carnival. It was a fabulous day.

The events kicked off with the 1st Cavalry Horse Detachment doing some drill and ceremony for us. I don't care how many ceremonies I have been to, I never tire of watching them. I loved how they came over to all the patients so they could pet the horses. I stood there, taking in the scene, military veterans from many generations, in different stages of life, different injuries and illnesses. I was truly humbled.

After the demonstration we went inside and got ready for our game. We were in charge of the Bean Bag toss. I think we were the most popular booth (we had the best prizes, haha). It was really fun getting to interact with these amazing people.

One of the most touching moments for me was when a group of blind veterans came to our booth. Kevin helped each one play. He was so tender and patient. Really my heart was overwhelmed. One in particular really touched Kevin. They began to talk and realized both had served in the 25th Infantry Division. Granted, it was during two different decades but the bond of brotherhood was sealed. Later the man's therapist came back and told me that Kevin should really consider getting a degree in recreation therapy so he could work with veterans. What a compliment!

As the day continued, I got to meet so many amazing people, with wonderful stories. I met a young Iraq war vet. He couldn't have been more then 25. He had served in Iraq twice, was injured by an IED and now had a titanium rod running through his arm. He was currently in a program helping him cope with is PTSD. He touched my heart when he told me he was working so hard to get better so his 14 month old daughter would be proud of him. Oh my, the tears want to come. I could have spent all day hugging these wonderful men and women.

I was so humbled yesterday. I am so proud of my husband and his tenderness. I am proud to serve so many wonderful men and women who served our nation.

I have a few pics, I do not have a lot of the Veterans, out of respect I only took a few and asked their permission before doing so.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick

Our blind Veterans meeting Pegasus
Kevin telling someone about the horses's head

Kevin helping out a fellow 25th ID Soldier (he was also Special Forces)I thought this pic was fitting that it was kind of blurry as that was my view through tear filled eyes.

A man of so many talentsThe Soldiers' Angel team (minus D who was on diaper duty, lol)Me and Dorshan after a wonderful day of serving our Veterans.


Jess said...

WHat an awesome oppertunity Nadine... I bet the veterans LOVED having you guys there... too often our heros are forgotten and pushed aside.

Looks like you and the family are doing well... Glad to hear and see.. =) Hugs!

The Miller's said...

Im a good friend of Dorshans and anytime I check her blog I look at yours I know you were there when she had spencer and mercy girl your post make me cry. But you post some awesome things.. Thanks!

Check ours out

J.R. and Michelle said...

What a beautiful experience. And I think that it's so awesome that you were able to share that with Kevin. You both really do have amazing hearts. And this coming from someone who has never met either of you in person. Man that just seems like such a cool day.