Sunday, August 02, 2009

Our Visit to ND Part 2

The reunion. It has been 20 years since Kevin graduated from high school and this is the first opportunity he has had to return to attend one of them. He was looking forward to seeing some people, Facebook has reconnected him to many.

This would be a better entry if he would blog about it from his perspective but it's not likely that he will, so instead you get mine! In recent conversations, it would seem that my perspective isn't appreciated but oh well.

I was excited to reconnect with some of Kev's friends that I have met. Brad and Kelly who we helped Michael with his Beanie Baby Drive. The Newmans, who were Kevin's second family. That was a lot of fun since it seems Kevin got into some trouble with Brent Newman. That was a fun get together. It was nice to see Grant and Cheryl, they have always been so great to us. And it was fun to meet Steve's girlfriend and their two girls. So we had some great fun.

The reunion itself was interesting. It would seem that some of the people there didn't realize that it was no longer high school and their status 20 years ago made no difference today. That didn't phase some of them and they tried hard to reclaim their roles. As an outsider, I was greatly amused.

There were some great moments. There many who sought Kevin out and thanked him for his service, who showed their gratitude with great hugs and kind words. Those moments touched my heart. I loved watching Kevin reconnect with some of those he had real relationships with and I loved the stories and the laughter.

I had the opportunity to try the Red Pepper as well during this reunion. I have to say that I don't quite understand the big deal but I can appreciate the love locals have. The Cheese Tostada was mighty tasty!

Overall it was a good time and I met some great people and Kevin got to see some of his friends. I will say that it did convince me that I have no real desire to attend my own 20 year reunion, lol.

Kevin and Joe...oh Joe, he had me laughing so hard...good guy though!
Kev and Brad hugging or actually I think Brad was trying to crack Kev's back...
Brent and budsThe joke was that the rival high school had more class...they got plastic name tag holders at their reunion...Kev found this one on a table and was going to sneak in to their reunionOne of my fave pictures...that's Mike and Kevin waiting to get their Grinders...

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