Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Visit to ND Part 1

So we headed to North Dakota for Kevin's high school reunion on the 14th of July. It wasn't a bad drive up there. Almost 1300 miles one way. We went at our leisure and made pretty good time. We stopped in Council Bluffs for the night and had a relaxing evening. We spent some time in the hotel pool and had a good night's rest.
The next day as we were heading out to continue our trip, we saw a sign for the Mormon Pioneer Visitor's Center. We typed it into our GPS and saw it was only 2 miles from where we were. It ended up being Winters Quarters Temple and a visitor center. We took the time to visit and had a great time. The temple is gorgeous. It was pretty neat because the missionary who gave us the tour of the center happened to be the brother of one of my high school teachers. It's a small world for sure!The rest of our trip was very lowkey, we are so lucky to have such great travelers.

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