Monday, June 22, 2009

Support for Our Troops Shout Out!

We have been so blessed to have received support from some great organizations during both this and Kevin's previous deployment.

First, Bake Me a Wish is a gourmet cake company that has DELICIOUS cakes. They send cakes to our Soldiers serving overseas for their birthdays. They teamed up with Soldiers Angels to be able to provide these cakes at no cost for the Soldiers. Kevin received one of these wonderful cakes for his birthday in Iraq. They also supported our family by sending us cakes to celebrate my birthday, Kevin's homecoming and Father's Day. I can't say enough how awesome these cakes are. For Daniel's birthday he got a Freedom Cake, for every Freedom cake that is purchased a Soldier receives a cake on the purchaser's behalf. It's a great program. Someone will be receiving a cake on Daniel's behalf and he wrote a great little note to go with that cake.
Thank you Shelle and Joe for working so hard for our troops and helping them and military families feel so special!! We love our cakes, we used them at Daniel's birthday party and they were a big hit!!!

The second organization we'd like to give a shout out to is Fairytale Brownies. These are some of the best brownies I have ever eaten (except my Neil's of course!). Kevin received brownies sometime during the last deployment and wrote a comment card back to the company. As a result they adopted him and his Soldiers and kept them happy with lots of these gourmet brownies. When Kevin headed back they stepped right back in to support him and his Soldiers. They were also kind enough to send the boys and I some brownies both last time and this time. The boys LOVE them! Brandie at Fairytale Brownies has been so awesome, she even wrote a story on their blog about us.This is a Fairytale box Kevin hung up in his office in Iraq, he said it emptied pretty quickly...Our complete family with the yummy brownies Brandie sent!

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J.R. and Michelle said...

That is so awesome that she along with support from the company took the time to show support to not only Kevin, but his unit, and family. That is really great. I read the story on the business blog too. That is awesome. It just goes to show you can make an impact with every person you come in contact with.