Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today was Day 3 of Cub Scout Day Camp. This is my 5th year that I've volunteered as a Walking Den Leader. I have had the pleasure of going with my pack and with all of my boys now. One thing that always astounds me is the rudeness of both the kids and the parents. Kids are kids, I get that, but kids with bad manners annoy me! I have kids who do not listen, who live in their own world, who tell their own parents to shut up!

I overhear other leaders cursing around their dens and then I hear them copping attitude when another leader corrects their kid's behavior. Today I was telling boys the proper way to wear their hats, explaining that our Day Camp t-shirts is an official uniform and so are our hats. Another den leader was so rude. I simply told her that when we don't enforce a standard, we set a new one.

It saddens me that these are other leaders and we push so much about the example Cub Scouts and future Boy Scouts should be. Most of the Walking Den Leaders are leaders in their own packs. We have some parents who are just out there with their own kids and they are about worthless. We need two deep leadership at all times and some will choose to walk through a building instead of around it because it's too "hot". Thanks for the help folks!

I try to not only remember but also remind others that everybody out there is a volunteer and they are doing the best they can. I just cannot stand the disrespect of each other and the standards.

I keep telling myself I won't go back and I believe after this year, I will stick to that.

I am enjoying spending this time with my baby Daniel. Above all we are having a great time together and that is what truly matters.

Parents, if you send your kids to an event where other adults are in charge, teach them respect, it can go a long way !

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Shamae said...

Amen Nadine!! That is one of my biggest pet peeves as well.