Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Camp 2009

Daniel and I attended Cub Scout Day Camp this past week. It made for a long week but we had so much fun! Daniel was so excited to go this year since his birthday is next week. I've been a Walking Den Leader for both Michael and Neil and Daniel was just not going to let me off the hook and not go with him. I love spending this time with my boys. I do not love chasing after other people's rude kids but this year wasn't too bad. I had some very cute happy kids. Overall, Daniel had so much fun and learned new things (not too many new things since he has been going to Scouts with us since he was 2) but he had fun nonetheless. Here a few pics of the things he got to do.

Working on his Map & Compass Belt Loop...shooting an azimuth
Doing some leatherwork
Shooting off an air rocket

BB Gun shooting, earning his Junior Rifle Patch

Earning his swimming belt loopGetting it in the yellow...dang dragon caught his arrow with his mouth, cheating him out of his Dragon Slayer status!Ahhh but Daniel got his sweet revenge..right in the dragon's butt!!Me and Daniel...this is our last day of Day Camp and yes, we were tired if you can't tell!

A quick shout out to my older boys who came one day to the pool to do their BSA Swimmer's test...both passed it..woohoo!!! They are ready for Scout Camp!!

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