Friday, June 05, 2009

Schools Out!

Let summer begin. It's a bittersweet time in our home. My kids enjoy school and love being around their friends. They were blessed to have good teachers this year. Neil has grown so much. He has come out of his shell so much. Today he danced....DANCED! At the beginning of the year he wouldn't have done that and today he participated in a dance off! I really need to show him some moves but it was so amazing to watch him.

He made me emotional when he came out after school. He was crying. He loves his teacher. And that is an understatement. I know he is sad to leave Mr. T's class but he will be so successful because of his experience in there.

Daniel had a good day because we took in treats for his class. He never gets to celebrate his birthday since it falls in the summer so I took cupcakes and drinks for his class. I made some cupcakes but they melted in the car, lol.

Michael had a good year too, I let him take the camera and he got some good pics of him and his friends (who are ALL girls). Craziness, lol.

I love summer, I'm excited to do Cub Scout Day Camp with Daniel and the older two will be getting ready for Boy Scout Camp.

Daniel said June is a good month because Daddy is coming home!!!

School's out and now it's time for some summer fun!

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J.R. and Michelle said...

How fun. I can't wait til Sierra is old enough to understand and appreciate Summer break. Right now she just get mad and frustrated that she can't go to school. And we drive each other crazy! LOL!