Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Days with the Family

It's so great being be able to celebrate special events as a whole family. We were able to celebrate Daniel's birthday ON his birthday for the first time in his entire 8 years of life. It was a special day indeed. We've just hung out as a family, haven't really planned anything just hung out while working around Kevin's inprocessing. Here are a just a few pics from the things we got to do as a family.

Kevin seeing one of his good friends for the first time since getting home.
Daniel and Daddy hanging out at the church.
Daniel and Luke...I love these cheesy can see the "Millhouses" as Daniel refers to them in the background (this is pre-fountain, haha)
Our small group of friends at Daniel's birthday party!

Daddy and Daniel on the go-carts!After watching "All Shook Up!"Daddy loves Elvis!

Hanging out at the lake!I love this man!He's getting so grown!Yes, my boys can eat! I send them to other people's houses with that disclaimer and usually a bag or two of groceries!The boys ran into their good friends while we were at the lake!

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