Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How old ARE you?!?!

So today I was teaching one of my favorite AFTB classes and in my intro I mentioned that I had been doing this for a while, almost 11 years. One of the students gasped and asked loudly, "how old ARE you?!?!". I laughed and said, 32, almost 33. She went on to tell me that I did not look like I was in my 30's and apologized for the astonishment. I actually get this a lot. I don't think I look ridiculously young but a lot of people don't think I'm as old as I am (probably because I don't always act my age, LOL)

Age is just a number to me, I've never had a hard time with birthdays or the numbers that go with them. I won't let a number define me.

I told my class that after that compliment, they were a go in my class and class was dismissed...but then I told them just kidding and went on to teach a great interactive class!

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FIreball said...

I bet it is the highlights! ;)