Friday, May 23, 2008

Army Family Team Building

*I promised a few people that I would explain what Army Family Team Building (AFTB) is all here it is.
Straight from the AFTB curriculum!

AFTB is a volunteer-led organization with a central tenet: provide training and knowledge to spouses and family members to support the total Army effort. Strong families are the pillar of support behind strong Soldiers. It is AFTB's mission to educate and train all of the Army in knowledge, skills, and behaviors designed to prepare our Army families to move successfully into the future.
AFTB Contributes:AFTB contributes to the Army mission by educating and training the Army family to be self-sufficient leaders within their communities. AFTB Level I focuses on the basic skills and knowledge needed to live the military life. Level II allows the participant to grow into a community leader. Finally, Level III goes into inspiring and mentoring others into leadership positions.
AFTB Operations: AFTB is organized along the command line of the US Army Installation Management Agency (for installation based programs) and by Major Command (MACOM) lines for all others. There are currently 221 active programs world-wide with more than 20,000 volunteers and paid staff all with one commitment at heart: Connecting Families to the Army ….One Class at a Time!

Why do I love teaching AFTB? What better way to serve our families then by empowering them? This is a spouse founded was started by an Army wife who saw the need to help our families survive when the Soldier was away at war. There was no such program back in Desert Storm and it hit our readiness hard. The Army saw a need, listened to what the spouses were saying and did something about it!

Our program continues to grow. It's a volunteer driven program and one of the most successful programs in the military. We currently have ONE paid staff member in our AFTB program, all the instructors are volunteers. It's a pretty awesome program. Check it out if you have a chance!

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