Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Randomness

I really should be in the extra room working on it instead of sitting on my bed blogging. But my husband is online and I'm chatting with him. I'm also ignoring my kids who are bickering while they are cleaning. They are getting things done so they can continue arguing for all I care as long as the tasks that have been assigned get done.

As I was checking out my bank account this morning I noticed some weird charges from places I didn't recognize. It's so frustrating when I pay for something and then it comes up all weird on my bank statement. It makes me feel like I'm crazy when I can't recognize a place. If I pay for it at ISTA why does it have some weird thing on my bank statement.

Anyway, there also was a weird charge for some place I have never heard of and I have not spent exactly $19.95 anywhere. So I call the bank and they give me a 1-888 #. The customer service was CRAP. The girl was rude as soon as she picked up the phone. I don't understand that. I always call people sir or ma'am and thank them for their time (even though they are getting paid for that time). But this girl was just rude. I got that situation resolved and hung up.

I also had to call to take care of a subscription issue. Their customer service was fabulous! They even gave me a couple free months on one of my subscriptions. So it was nice to have a great customer service experience.

Daniel might get a big spanking today. He is being a big brat and will be punished accordingly, no DS this weekend, boohoo Daniel too bad you can't be good.

Michael's teenage hormones are driving us all nuts. He's getting that "teen attitude". He may also lose some privileges and we will boohoo him too.

Neil is good so far, he shampoo'd the stairs, he likes things like that. He did accidentally dump all the dirty water on the bathroom floor but luckily it was the bathroom floor and not the carpet he just cleaned. The worst part about that was both of our skull pajama bottoms got wet.

Kevin had an organizational day in Iraq today. He was the cook, he always ends up the cook. The 1SG was busting on him because he always feels the need to sample his work. Those are unwritten rules ya know. The 1SG doesn't understand.

I'm watching Nascar practice and I have no idea who is who, so many cars are different this year with new numbers. Hmmm, I better do some research, gotta be in the know when it comes to the race!

I got my new computer that I was so excited about and now that it's here, I don't want to set it up. Our current computer has been so good to us and I have it set up just like I like it and it has all my stuff on it just where I want it. But it is tired and full and probably needs a break. I get excited about change until it actually happens and then I resist.

I'm hungry, I'm going to go eat but before I get downstairs, I'll get sidetracked, get busy doing something else and then realize in about 4 hours that I still hadn't eaten.

I better go, it's almost 11:30 and I have to go to the bus station in an hour, aaaack!


Jess said...

Hope the boys settled down for you.. and that you got to eat!! =)

Lehmann Adventures...... said...

HI! I was scrolling thru your blog and saw a picture of Neil (his birthday blog) was someone a drill sgt at one point or did the photo place just happen to have a drill hat?
We just came from drill duty.. anyways we definetly neeed to talk about the whole CID issue!!

FIreball said...

ROFL... boohoo for you having one of those random days. haha! :)

Bringhurst Family said...

Dido on the change thing.