Thursday, February 05, 2009

Michael is Textually Active!

Michael is ALWAYS on his phone these days. When Kevin left, I gave Michael his phone, it was to be used for emergencies only. At Christmas, his best friend "A" got a cell phone and so I gave him permission to let her have his number. I swear he spends more time on the phone than I do! Well she was texting him and so I was a nice mom and added texting to his plan. Well pretty soon another friend had his number and was texting him too. I gave him permission to let a few of his friends have his number and ever since then he has been a texting fool. The kicker...everyone in his address book is a girl!! One even sent him a message the other day wanting to know if he liked her like she liked him. Michael already knows he's not allowed to date until he's 40 (ok, 16) so he did tell her that they could be friends. Today she sent him a message saying the pain inside is unbearable. I really had to giggle at the dramatics of a 12 year old. Michael is pretty laid back about it all which is a good thing but seriously I'm not ready for the crushes and the "love-stricken" sob stories.

So far Michael has been pretty honest with me and I love that, I hope that it continues. Kids grow too darn fast.


Amanda Panda said...

LMBO about the dramatic little girl in love with Michael. He is not going to want to give the phone back to Kevin when he comes home. but if Kevin is anything like Aaron, he will be happy to use that as an excuse to get a new phone, lol.

J.R. and Michelle said...

You've got a ladies "man" on your hands. Hehehehe. It's really great though that he talks to you, and involves you in his "teenage" life. I think that's so important.

Shamae said...

My goodness that is funny. Girls are so dramatic. Sounds like your little Michael is going to be a heartbreaker...when he's 40 of course ;)