Sunday, January 18, 2009

RaNdOm FuNnIeS

Friday I went and got my hair done. The boys wanted to go with me so they chilled in the salon while I was getting beautified. On Saturday Neil says to me, "Mom your red is brighter, did you get your hair done?" I think to myself, wow my future daughter-in-laws are gonna love me, I am teaching my kids to notice these important things like noticing new hair and all that. Then I stopped and thought...WHAT!?!?! You were there when I got my hair done! To my future daughter-in-laws...I'm sorry!

Earlier tonight I was making Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. I was shaking the packet back and forth to get the powder down. I guess I was shaking it too hard because suddenly the top tore off and the packet went flying across the kitchen. There was cheese powder all over the stove and three boys cracking up on the floor.

I was playing a card game with the two younger boys while Michael was at a meeting at church. At first I would remind Daniel to pick up his card at the beginning of each turn and after a while I gave him his warning that if he didn't remember on his own, I would not remind him. After a couple times of missing his turn, he says to me, "your my mom!!! You're supposed to love me enough to remind me to pick up my card!" I replied, "yes, I'm your mom but right now we're playing a game and it's every man for himself". He poked me in the knee and said, "well you're not a man, you're my mom, so help!!"

We obviously need to work on Neil's math skills. At dinner he was arguing with Daniel that he was 11 and 1/2. Daniel would say no you're not, you're 10 1/2. Neil would say, no I'm closer to 11 so that makes me 11 1/2 (his birthday is at the end of this month). Finally I tell Neil, how can you be 11 1/2 when you haven't even reached 11 yet? He looks at me and says, "oh yeah". He looks at Daniel and says, "well just say I'm 11, it's close enough anyway!"

Wanna giggle, come eavesdrop on some of our conversations!


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Your kids are gonna love that you are keeping track of the every day funnies that happen in their lives. I need to get better at that.