Monday, January 19, 2009

A Couple More Funnies!

This morning Daniel comes down and says "I didn't know I had this t-shirt"
Me: "well that's Neil's"
He goes in the kitchen where Neil is and says "is this your shirt?"
Neil puts his arms around his shoulders lovingly and says" yes, but you can wear it ok?"
Daniel grins and says "ok"....

and then the moment ended

After a long pause Neil said...."for today" to which Daniel replied loudly "IT DOESN'T EVEN FIT YOU!"

Gotta love kids.

My husband and I were chatting online earlier and part of our conversation went like this.

Me: ok so u know we are watching the chase's fish?
My Sexy Soldier: yes the fish is dead now huh
Me: thanks baby
Me: no it's not dead, LOL
My Sexy Soldier: i didn't mean it that way baby
Me: lol

Hmmm, just how did he mean it????

And the last bit of randomness for this entry. Neil has taken to calling Chinese food, Asian food. Apparently it bothers his classmates and his brothers that he refers to it as such. Very amusing to me.

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