Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Shaggy Kids

You all may have noticed how shaggy my kids are in their recent pics. They all want to grow their hair out. Many have scoffed and laughed at me saying I'd never let them do it. I've taken that as a challenge and so now the boys look scruffy but it will all be okay.

Over the summer I failed at letting them exercise their sense of independence and I may fail again but I'm trying.

And for the record, yes it drives me insane, I want to rush them to the barber shop and have their hair cut so badly but I just smile at them and send them into the bathroom to do something with the craziness.


Diamond in the Rough said...

I hear you. I can't stand my boys to have long hair. We let Easton's grow because Jess wanted too but I finally won when I pointed out it was a mullet :(- and we cut it off :) Good for you for giving your boys the choice.

J.R. and Michelle said...

Way to go on fighting the urge.... so far.... lol! I know having a guy in the military when you see hair that seems even the slightest "unkept" it is so much more noticeable to me than probably to others.