Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Chess Kings

Today Neil & Daniel participated in the City Chess Tournament. Both did very well. Neil finished 3rd and Daniel finished 6th respectively. We are very proud of them, Kevin and I chatted through the tourney (though I think he fell asleep before I let him know how they placed, lol). Chess tournaments are usually Kevin's thing, I like to support my kids but I get so stressed watching them play. It's pretty funny. I'm not one who interferes with them, in fact I stay far away from them and just wait it out each round. Both the boys are gentlemen when they play (I wish I could say the same for some of the other kids there). Daniel won 2, had a draw on 2 and lost 1. He was happy with his performance. Neil won 4 and lost one. On the one he lost, they were put on the clock and that made him very nervous so he lost focus. I was so proud of how he handled the situation because he finished and admitted defeat and didn't pout about his loss. He refocused and went on to win his next round. Neil had a lot of pressure going in because he was the defending champ. He was put up against some middle schoolers and he's still young-minded enough to be intimidated by that. Overall I'm proud of the team as a whole in how they played and the respect and class they showed. Our team came home with a lot of trophy's and pride.

Michael was kind enough to play photographer for me.

Daniel & Neil with their trophy's.
On the clock, very intense for everyone!

I made him take off his MP3 player after the first round, didn't catch him at first.
This pic cracks me up, Daniel looks like he is staring down his opponent.This is how I feel inside while waiting for them to finish playing, lol


Mrs. Cinnamon said...

I think it is really cool that they are involved in chess! Is there a chess club at their school?? I watched a movie recently about a World Chess champion and how it began for him as a kid. It was a very interesting movie. It's cool that the boys are exposed to many things!

FIreball said...

Those are great pics. The staring one cracks me up. I love your shot to. Neil is sooo inense - i love it!! Congrats boys!!!

Diamond in the Rough said...

Tell the boys Congrats!! That's awesome.

J.R. and Michelle said...

That is so awesome! And it's such a great thing for them to be doing to keep their minds keen. The pics are great! It's not hard to imagine that your boys have great sences of humor, if they take after their mama.