Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blessed Friendships Part 1

When the Lord was handing out blessings, we lucked out in the department of friends. I cannot even begin to express into words how much our friends mean to us. With Kevin gone so much, we have relied heavily on the support and love of our family and friends. They have come through in many forms. I want to address two specific acts of love and support we have received recently (hence the Part 1 at the end of the entry title).

First, our friend Lisa and the couple of awesome people she recruited. Oh and we can't forget Marlon (Lisa's husband) because I know that along with Lisa they would do anything for us if we asked. We were blessed to meet them while we were all stationed in Korea. We had many adventures of chicken on a stick and shopping excursions in the Korea markets. We also have behaved badly in front of each other (hmmm books and backpacks flying ring a bell guys?). Well anyway, moving on. Only with true friends can you have those moments and 10 years later still have strong friendships.

I was talking to Lisa one day about a project I had in mind. I wanted to make blankets to send the Soldiers (specifically the single Soldiers) in Kev's unit. Nothing overly fancy just the tie-knot blankets. She immediately jumped on board and offered to help and even recruited her mother and a friend of hers from work. The project grew as far as who became involved. She ran into a Command Sergeant Major (is that right Lela?) who asked her what all the fleece was for and after she told him, he donated money to the cause right then and there. Her boss at her vet clinic also jumped in on the support bandwagon and paid for more fleece and shipping.

I feel so blessed to have such a good friend who is willing to help me in these projects. She's always there for me no matter what. Our road trip this past summer to NC and the stay at their house was probably one of the most relaxing if not THE most relaxing trip I've ever had. No expectations, just love and lots of fun (oh and plenty of game systems to keep the boys occupied).

So Lisa, we love you and Marlon and are so blessed with your friendship. Thank you for your love and support. I love your tenderness when I need it but also your honestly and the kick in the butt you provide when I need that too!

I love you girl and I know the Soldiers appreciated the blankets you helped us make.


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Kourtnie :) said...

Wow, when on earth do you sleep! How awesome! That was heart-warming!