Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today, I received a holiday gift on my doorstep...

Kevin received this in his email yesterday from one of his many supporters from Soldier's Angels. I thought it was nicely written and wanted to share it with you all. Thanks Shelle for all that you do to support our troops and especially my husband. Just a note, it's a small world, Shelle lives in Grand Forks, ND which is where Kevin is originally from!!!

Today, I received a holiday gift on my doorstep.

I picked it up and looked at it carefully.

The shiny paper glistened in the sun.

The note on the package said,

"Go ahead, open me. I am more than a pretty package. Look inside."

As I looked at the bow, I noticed it was a bit tattered, as if it had been through some rough times.

The edges were a bit scuffed up and frayed, yet still the bow was neatly tied.

The paper was many different bits and pieces taped together.. like a quilt.

It gave me a lot of comfort knowing that someone took the time and energy to put these peices all together to cover the next layer, which was a cardboard box.

It looked like it had been around the block a few times, recycled... but still sturdy.

Carefully opening the box, I peeked in.

I could not believe how much was packed into that strong small box.

It was like an explosion of color with fireworks bursting out of the box.

It was full of music and sunshine and rainbows.

It had walks in the park and education and snowboarding tucked inside.

It was full of hugs and kisses and laughter. It had cartoons and books and travel.

It was festive and creative and full of emotion.

It had stars and stripes...

It was full of freedom.


Sweet Freedom.

The note was signed...

forever true,

an American service member
(past-present and future)


Dear Heroes-

Tonight as I bow my head in prayer and nod off to sleep under that blanket of freedom while living safely in my sturdy shelter...
I will always appreicate the precious gift of freedom you continue to give to me. ~ Shelle Michaels


Trevs Navy Wife said...

Nadine, I am drawn to tears and great pride and love. What a beautiful thing to share, thank you.

Thank you to you, your boys, and to Kevin for serving our country. I feel safer knowing that someone I know albeit from far away is there to stand watch over our country.

Love and hugs by the tons to you all!!


FIreball said...

Very touching Nadine.