Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. Our kids had a great Christmas. The boys got most of what they wanted and a few extra treats. I admit that for me, Christmas was really overshadowed by Kevin not being here. I missed him a lot yesterday. We were blessed to be able to chat for a long time both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I got to watch him open his gifts and we waited for him to come back on to watch the kids but the kids were extremely anxious, lol. The did get to show him on webcam all their stuff though and that was fun.
This is the book we read on Christmas Eve. It was a very cute book about a Soldier being overseas at Christmas. The boys loved it and so did I!Daniel handing out the presents
Michael and he's Axe, lol..he was looking surprised because he knew he was getting it, lolNeil and his tech deck (small skateboards.Daniel and his new scooter.The boys looking happy with their gifts.Michael cheesing for the camera
The boys and their stockings.Kev's stocking..we miss you my love!


FIreball said...

Haven't seen that book. Looks cute. Loved the pics!

Trevs Navy Wife said...

Nadine, please share where you got that book?? I would be interested in seeing if they have a sailor one?!?!

Beautiful photos!! Hugs to you and the boys!! I also LOVE Kev's stocking, another u gotta share!!

Thanks for sharing your family!!