Monday, December 29, 2008

rAnDoM pIcS

Does this make me look buff?
Our first piece of furniture Kevin and I ever bought together. It has served us well for almost 13 years. Kind of sad to see it go...

Neil putting together the replacement TV stand.
Finished project...good job Neil!Daniel thought he was being helpful by testing out the box the TV came in, lol
Neil eating Spicy Tuna Roll
Daniel enjoying his Philadelphia Roll
Michael chowing on some kind of Salmon Roll
The guy making the rolls at the restaurant was amazed at how much my kids ate, lol
Sapper resting in Neil's bed...she's so dang cute.

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FIreball said...

AWESOME! Neil put that all together?! Sweet. Michael always looks "buff". ;) I will say that Sapper does look pretty sweet in that pic!! LOL