Saturday, December 20, 2008

Michael....almost a Teenager

Michael cracks me up. Tonight we ran to Walmart to go and find him a new church shirt since it seems he thinks he needs to grow right out of his clothes. If you remember one of my previous entries (Michael & Aftershave) it was pretty sweet and such an "awwwww" moment. Thinking back on that I decided to ask Michael if he would like me to buy him some body spray, something that is more for his age. While I appreciate the scent that his dad wears, I don't think most 12 years old want to smell like their dad. We engage in a conversation about what most boys at his school are wearing. He mentions Axe and Tag. Of course, I had to stifle a giggle because he was kind of embarrassed. I tried to assure him, I was very serious about purchasing him his own smell good stuff if that is what he wanted. We go and look at our options and I'm amazed at all the different types of body spray. There are two men in the aisle who were terribly amused at our conversation. Michael picks up one that says chocolate something. I smelled it and asked him if he wanted to smell like a chocolate candy bar. He giggle and said NO, though I must admit that is smart marketing, what girl doesn't love chocolate. Oh wait, no girls, no girls, no girls for my boy yet!!!!

One of the guys in the aisle cracks up at me and tells Michael, maybe she wants your dad to wear it...whatever dude, go buy some Old Spice and move on! We continue looking and smelling the different scents. I find a twin pack that has a sticker that says "bow chicka wah wah". Of course I have to say it LOUDLY to Michael. I think I said it three times, telling him don't you want to wear a little "bow chica wah wah"? He rolled his eyes at me...I don't think he appreciated his mother doing the little "bow chica wah wah" chant in the Walmart aisle with two men cracking up. Finally he decides on a scent and pushes the cart quickly out of the aisle. You'd think I embarrassed him or something.

After that, we went on a search for a gift for his best friend. For those who don't know, Michael's best friend is a girl!!! They have been best friends since we moved here in 3rd grade. I love their friendship but I admit as they get older it's transitioning. Mostly because of the other kids in their school teasing them. Both me and her parents try to encourage them to not worry about the other kids and be true to their friendship. So we try to find a neutral gift. Michael doesn't want to buy anything that would suggest more. He was so picky. That kid cracks me up. He was very serious about buying her some chocolate (someone stole her candybar another friend had given her earlier this week). He bought her some cute M&M's, earrings and something else I can't remember. He also bought her the cutest little card that talked about how grateful he was for their friendship. Overall, he did a good job, if I was his best friend I'd love the "neutral" gift.

I'm sad that Michael is growing up yet I love these sweet moments I get to spend with him to see his kind and loving heart. I hope that as he grows into a teenager and even an adult, that he keeps just the right amount of silliness mixed with tender heartedness and that sweet little smile of his.


Amy said...

ahh that is sweet!
You mean he didn't want the bow chicka wah wah? lol

Becky said...

When he get's back from his mission Natalie will be 18, ha ha.

Dana said...

Good thing he didn't go for the "chocolate scent". it doesn't smell like chocolate, but it is very nice...addictive like chocolate... YUM! It would be too weird to smell a kid wearing it.

J.R. and Michelle said...

That sounds like a really funny experience! I bet he was dying when you starting singing the bow chicka wah wah! LOL!

Aubri Lynne said...

So sweet! I love your blog--

Your Treasures said...

Is This the Same Michael that was Playing power Rangers with his Brother Neil and Trying to Kung Foo the Missionaries at the same Time?