Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guest Blogger: Michael Albrecht

Hi, this is Michael. I’m 12 and a Boy Scout with Troop 239. I decided to do a service project collecting Beanie Babies to send to my dad, SFC Kevin Albrecht, who is currently serving in Iraq. My dad sent us a picture of some kids he visits and they don’t have a lot. I know that a stuffed animal might not keep them warm or fill their hungry stomachs but it can show them that there are people far away who care.

My dad told me the beanie babies he received came from an organization called Beanie Baby Ambassador Program. When I read the About Us section, this stood out to me. It was written by the founder of the organization.

"I grew up in Germany after World War II. The years after the war were not years of plenty in Europe. As children we rarely had chocolates. but whenever NATO troo
ps (American troops in our area) exercised their yearly maneuvers, my sister and I invariably were showered with candies and other rare treats by these camouflaged strangers. Big smiles underlined their kindness. We didn't need language. "

I think I can support my dad and the Soldiers he serves with by doing this project. If you are interested in donating beanie babies you can mail them to our home b
y 1 February 2009. They don’t have to be new (just clean) or Ty brand but nothing much bigger please.

I know that because I have been given a lot, I have to give too. Thank you for helping me with my project.

Michael Albrecht

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J.R. and Michelle said...

Please have your mom email me your address so that I can help you with your awesome project!