Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Game Tagged

Name top three card games your family plays:
1) War
2) Uno
3) Slap Jack

Name the top three board games your family plays:
1) Life
2) Monopoly
3) Sorry

Name three of your favorite interactive games:
1) some Hero game the kids play
2) Life on the computer
3) Monopoly on the computer

Name three games you never play that sit in your closet:
1) Ebay
2) Mouse Trap
3) Dominos

Name the game that causes more fights between family members:

Name the game that is most tedious:
Monopoly, lol

Name the most difficult trivia game you own:

Name a game you would like to add to your game closet:
hmmm, I think we own all the games I want, lol

Jessica, Carolin, Amber

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