Thursday, December 11, 2008

Celebrity Status

Have you ever had a day where you felt unimportant or unnoticed? Want to know a cure for that?

Go to your kid's school and get involved. I promise the rewards are far greater than anything that you give. After Neil's appointment today, I stayed at the school to do some PTA stuff. As I was walking around the school, I had a bunch of kids come up and give me hugs or wave at me. I love the feeling when I go somewhere in the school and there are some of my Deployment Club kids and they want to tell me how their Soldier is doing. Or I see one of the boy's classmates and they say, "hi Neil's mom" or "Hi Daniel's mom". Or even if it's a kid who only knows me because I read with them two years ago and they remember. I'm telling you that the quickest way to feel special for me is to wander the halls of that school.

I had lunch with Neil and his classmates were so cute, they all had something to say. Kids from other tables were waving and smiling at me. I'm so glad that my big 5th grader still lets mom come have lunch with him.

So I dare you to go volunteer at your kid's school and see how it makes you feel. Who needs Hollywood to make you feel glamorous and special...I only need to go read with a kid, cut out a Flat Stanley or just eat some chicken rings with a group of 5th graders and it makes me feel like a superstar!

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Jess said...

WHat an awesome challenge... Im glad you got to go and have lunch with your boy... thats great that he still lets you.. =) Hope you have a great day today!