Monday, December 01, 2008

20, 24 or 26?

The time is approaching where we have options...we could retire in less than 3 years (Army willing). We can go to 24...actually now we can 26 at Kevin's current rank. We have agreed on 24, think I can talk him into 26...hmmm what do you think baby?

Anyway I read an article today that brought up this whole thought process.

The Army has made some changes in Retention Control Points (RCP) (how long you can stay in the Army at certain ranks).

This is the portion that currently applies to us:

• The RCP for sergeants first class and promotable staff sergeants is increased from 24 to 26 years of service, while the ceiling for staff sergeant moves from 22 years to 23.

This is the one that I think is a bit ludicrous and maybe we need to do some serious rethinking...

• The RCP for private and private first class jumps from thee years to eight years. Are they serious? I mean if they are a Private or Private First Class at eight years, we may need to think about the quality of this Soldier.

Pretty interesting news, if you want to read the full article, click here.


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, you are in the home stretch! Lucky ducks. :)
That is pretty crazy about the PVT and PFCs...the promotions are automatic; makes no sense whatsoever.

Stacey said...

Maybe they've changed it so the automatic promotions can be put off? cuz some people just don't need to be promoted at all? that's weird, makes no sense.

Amanda Panda said...

We read that article too. The PVT and PFC is a bit ridiculous. Good luck with that decision!

La Familia Torres-Balderas said...

That IS crazy. PVT & PFC is so ridiculous. Why even bother? LOL. I'm mean aren't I? hehehe.