Saturday, November 08, 2008

You thought there was a sock monster in your dryer!

In my house the sock monster or rather monsters are my kids. For some reason they like to wear my socks! It drives me INSANE! Have you seen little boys socks, ugh!!! I go to look for socks and I have none...ok, I do have socks, lots of socks so I should specify that I can't find my ankle socks. The boys know better than to touch my Nightmare Before Christmas socks or any of my other socks that fall into that same category. But they quite enjoy wearing all my ankle/sport socks. I'm not big on color on my ankle socks so I buy the white ladies socks. Grrrr, I'll glance down at the boys dingy socks and realize that they are wearing the ones that belong to me. I finally had to break down and buy socks that have pink on them with hopes of keeping the boys stinky feet out of them. I greatly dislike anything pink (unless it's for Breast Cancer Awareness) so this is a huge thing for me. Sigh* I'll let you know if it works!


Amy said...

that sounds exactly like what I used to do to my Mom! lol...I think it just must be the kids do?? Daniel's glasses look quite awesome! Why wouldn't you let him wear those in?! lol

Jess said...

roflmbo... I have those same socks... for that same reason.... yet my 11 yr old will still go to football practice with MY pink socks the only solution I have found to date... is to buy LOTS of socks... and then hide away about 5 pair for myself... =)

The Millhouse Family said...

ROFL ... you could have bought purple! Or is that sizes 8+... I don't know... I'm a 10. You could just have someone sew your name on them. LOL