Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I was like many readers of these great books who hit the theaters last night. A couple months ago I was chatting it up with my friend "T" who is currently serving in Iraq with Kevin when we realized we both quite enjoyed the Twilight series. Since then we have anticipated the coming out of the movie. "T" hooked me up with her friend "L" and told me we should go to the movie together. I thought that we should figure out someway to take "T" with us. And so...we did. Thanks to "K" and "A" who amused us with our fun antics! "T", you enjoyed the movie!!

As far as what I thought of the movie, I was impressed. There were definitely some cheesy factors but I was very happy that they followed the book as close as they did. I look forward to the next movie!! And I hope to go see it with the real "T", live and in person!

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