Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lunch Time Conversation

I don't know what preceded this comment but I hear Daniel say

"yes...yes Kansas IS in America"

then again I don't hear what is said but I hear Neil say "So I was born in North Korea"
and Michael says..."No you weren't, you were born in South Korea" to which Neil replies "would it hurt you to just play along?"

Then Neil says "I was born in Asia"
and Daniels says, "no you weren't" and "I'm going to ask mom!!!"
and then Daniel says again "well I was born in Kansas which is in the United States of America"

Oh goodness, now they are triple dog daring each other to do things like lick each other's foot, I better go intervene!! Oh wait...they are daring themselves to do things like...well I don't know but I hear Daniel say "shimmy shimmy" and I can envision him swaying his hips a bit. I probably should go see what they are doing or at least observe, it could be quite entertaining!


J.R. and Michelle said...

Your boys are so silly.

Becky said...

Sounds like you need to get out the video camera!!

Totally Army Mom said...

You so need to put up a hidden camera to catch some of these treasured moments.