Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bissell Quicksteamer

I have to say I rather like my Bissel Quicksteam Deep Cleaner. I have always disliked cleaning carpets because it has always been hard grueling work. I have back and wrist issues so lugging a huge carpet cleaning machine is pure torture for me. I decided to buy this one and hoped it would be easy AND get the job done and it did. I just did the boys room and it looks GREAT!!!
I would have to say I might have looked like the lady pictured below minus the yellow shirt, but for sure the big smile!!!


The Millhouse Family said...

ROFLMBO... GOOD!! She's just missing the dancing steps while using her Bissell. Should I come take pics of you using it? LOL :)

Amy said...

That looks amazing! I need to get one of those.
Way to go on doing what needs to be done to get the boys to follow directions! I am taking down notes from your blog for when my kiddo's come!