Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good Blog Visitor Flow

So I've had an interesting flow of visitors's always interesting to see how people come across our blog.

Our biggest flow of traffic lately has come as a result of someone posting the link to my Kevin & Matt entry. Just wanted to return the favor and link to their little forum where they are completely engrossed on chatting about the Roloff family. Click here to read their interesting comments about Matt's visit to Iraq.

Hope the person who found our blog by typing in "what to pack deployment tuff box" got a packing list!

For the person who googled "soldiers show love" I just wanna say...they SURE do!

For "deathwish duster" person..yeah..that's a bit disturbing, LOL

"Army deployment rotation" seems to be a popular search that brings people to our site.

One search was "nascar support gold star", which describes my friend LaNita...kind of got a giggle out of that one.

Searches for "4th BCT" are popular too, hope they understand the significance and great history of our brigade.

"Army Wife" brings a lot of folks as well, not really a no brainer there, lol

It's interesting how people find their way to our site, some are disturbing and some just crack me up.

I'm bored, I should type in some interesting words and see where google takes me!!


Jessica said...

How do you find that info out, about traffic to your blog....???? Thats too funny some of the things you must see ..... but its also pretty cool that your site provides such a valuable resource... ;0)

I hope your well today.... and that your little family had a good weekend.... Big hugs your way...

Amy said...

That's interesting! How do you know what people searched for? Anyway I didn't even know you could search and find blogs! Ahh my blog surfing will continue! :-)

Heidi and Steven said...

LOL! And here I just thought I was doing good linking through the ward via blog *grin* It's a great way to learn about each other!

Sarah said...

I have a thingamajiggy that tells me who has viewed my blog but I was also wondering how you can tell what they searched to reach your blog. That would be very interesting!

Totally Army Mom said...

LOL - Jessica and Amy have asked my question - how do you find out that your site has come up in response to searches??

I know I've gotten an email from the author and the author's mother about a book I raved about on my blog. That was really cool!

I'm new to blogging so I don't know a lot of this stuff. I am now trying to recap Ben's entire heat-stroke story in one entry.
There has been alot of interest in it. There are not too many soldiers that survive a body temp of 108. Glad my boy is among the survivors!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I can't tell ALLLLL my secrets ya know!!!

I pay for a site meter that tells me all that.

Totally Army Mom said...

I want a fan club like you have!! LOL
ps, LOVED Kevin's essay (blog entry)