Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update From Iraq September 10, 2008

Update from Iraq!

Well this last week we had a visitor at our Camp. It was Matt Roloff from the TLC program "Little People Big World". The family and I love their program. It was exciting to see him and hear him speak (I will get to that in a minute).

I had told Nadine that I was going to see him and try to get some pics, well what I did not tell her until later was it just so happens that I had by chance brought their book with me to read while I was here in Iraq. Well I had it signed while he was here for Nadine. Cool HUH? I think so.

Mr. Rollof had been contacted awhile ago, around April or so. He had been told that there were some little people around our Camp and that they wanted to help out with getting the Iraqi Doctors much needed training in procedures for surgeries that needed to be done for them and for future patients. At first he said, so what does this have to do with me? He then really thought about it and started the ball rolling to try to get things to happen. Lots of politics and logistics involved. He had everything set back in June to go but got delayed in Kuwait (big surprise for those of us who have been there). Because of the delay the Doctor they had with them had to go back to another surgery he had pushed back already. So Matt pushed on anyways. He was amazed at what we do over here and the stories of so much good being done by the Soldiers, contradictory to the what the media shows. He was blown away by the kindness shown by so many.

He had a few snags again beforehand but got everything here. The team performed 6 surgeries. Also showing the Iraqi Doctors these procedures. All the children are on there way to a full recovery.

Matt had told us that at first TLC did not want to let him go (legal stuff contracts you know). He told them he was going to pay his own way regardless and use the CODA foundation he is a board member of to help out with other expenses. TLC came around and made the right decision to come along and document this ordeal. They are going to air this in one of the new episodes this season. Maybe I will be on. Ya right. He told us that they really let the show do all of the self advertising itself (word of mouth and all) this time they have put a lot into this episode in advertising and all. I would like to think that TLC did this for the right reasons because I think that they have some of the best programs, just ask Nadine.

I thought it was very cool and all. I got my pic and book signed. I was also just a few feet from him during all of this.

There is a lot of good to be done in this country and I know that a lot of people say there is also a lot of good to be done in our own one too. I know that but I guess that I look at it like this; I can't always be there for Nadine and the boys to help out with all they do back home for the community and all. So while I am over here I can still set a good example of how to serve others. And yes, I know all to well that some of these people here do not like us and even want to kill us but I guess this is the sacrifice that will be done for this cause and I'm not talking politics I talking for mankind,the one that really matters in the end. While my wife sets the example on the homefront, and me here, both of us doing what our Heavenly Father wants us to do to show our children the right thing.

So for all of you out there who try everyday to make a difference, keep it up don't ever stop. You will be surprised at what you get back.

I love you Nadine, Michael, Neil, Daniel and Sapper.


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