Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flashing Red & Blue Lights

Living on post we have the Military Police Bike Patrol. I have often found myself chuckling at the concept that people would get pulled over by cops on a bike. Many of my friends have heard me chuckle and roll my eyes. Well, as of last night, that mentality has ended!

I was dropping off a girl in our battalion at her house after a meeting. She lives in a housing community I rarely visit (like the last time I was there was over 18 months ago, maybe the last time Kevin was deployed). I think it's odd that each housing area has different speed limits. So as we are sitting in the car chatting it up a bit, three MP's ride by on their bikes. I have a good chuckle and say, "I just don't understand that". "T" chuckles as well and says, "me either". Ok, so I'm not alone in my thinking.

We bid our farewells and I head out on my merry way. As I'm driving around their little loop and I'm getting up to speed to shift gears, I realize, hmmm 19 mph might be a bit fast, so I immediately slow down. (Mind you, it's 20-25 and even 30 in some parts of our housing area). But I am in a loopy kind of area, so I slow down. As I go around the bend, there are the three little MP's (ok, one was not so little), I don't think anything of it, as I was at 19 mph for about 22 seconds. I continue on my way and in my rearview mirror I see little red and blue lights. I'm in disbelief! Am I really being pulled over by cops on bikes!!! I kind of chuckle and I exclaim to the boys that I cannot believe this.

The one cop pedals up to my window and starts his line of questioning,
"Ma'am, do you live here?" - uhm, no
"What are you doing here?" - dropping off a friend at her house
"Where do you live?" - in another housing area
"Did you see the kids playing?" - ok, this is seriously where I wanted to say, well yeah and it's 8:30 p.m. on a school night and they should be in house in bed or getting ready for bed, but I just say, yeah.
I didn't respond more because I really found his line of questioning rather odd. At this point, I wanted to say, just give me the ticket and let me go (really, I was afraid I was going to start cracking up, I mean I got pulled over by a guy on a bike!!!)
He goes on to say, "you have kids, that should make you think." Hoooooooold on a sec...yes, I was going faster than the 15 mph for a split second and yes I do know it only takes that long, but I realized it before anyone had to flash a light. At this point, I'm annoyed and so I say to him.."Why is it that the safety of the kids in this village more important that those in the village I live because our speed limits range from 20-35 mph and really, very few people follow that!" He just looked at me and told me to slow down and have a good night. I smiled and said, maybe some of your friends could come control our housing area, maybe around the time school gets out and kids are almost being run over!!

Yeah, can you believe I got pulled over by cops on bikes, LOL. Ok so maybe the mentality hasn't ended.


Jessica said...

heeheehee.... well at least he let you off with a warning....I do wonder tho what would have happened if you had entered into a high speed chase with them... heeheehee....

The Millhouse Family said...

ROFLMBO... we had this conversation last week wasn't it. TOO FUNNY!! You should have said "Oh, there were children? I am sorry I wasn't wearing my glasses!" LOL

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL I was going to say the SAME thing about the high speed chase! ROFL!