Monday, August 18, 2008

Lifetime's Army Wives

Yes, I admit I am an avid Army Wives watcher. I DVR it and watch it every single week. It pisses me off and makes me yell at the TV, but every week I find myself tuning in to see what is going to happen next.

I blogged once last season about some of the things that pissed me off. So far this season has not evoked such emotion, I think I have trained my brain to realize it's just TV.

However...on that note, I do have to make comment on some of the things that thoroughly piss me off.

LTC Joan Burton and her bedrest! She is not so important that they would assign her a Soldier to be at her beck and call. That is ludicrous!! Trust me, EVERY Soldier is expendable. While we would all like to think that our Soldier is so important the Army can't survive without them, that is not true. I despise that story line. I had three babies in the Army and served with high ranking pregnant Soldiers and when they ended up on bedrest, no one assigned them a personal servant!

I do have to say I like that they are showing a softer side to Major Sherwood, I dislike Denise's storyline but I like how they are handling it. Perhaps they will both grow from this experience.

I also hate that they have the "FRG" as one HUGE organization on post instead of based on individual units like it really is. Pamela wouldn't be as involved with the other gals if this were true to life as Delta Force creates their own community.

Anyway just my thoughts on this last


Totally Army Mom said...

Ha Ha! The show I really like is 'The Unit'. It gets some 'Oh, C'mon!''s from me, but mostly I think it's a great show. Can't wait for the next season. :-)

LaNita said...

OH HELL NO! The show had a soldier taken off his duty to wait on an officer who is pregnant?! Tell me I read that wrong!!! Pu-leeze! They would have had to write me up because being someone's personal servant was not in my army job description! I knew there was a reason why I do not watch that show. Give me Blood Ties anyday... vampires are much more realistic than that!

Anonymous said...

I always say army wives watching "Army Wives" is like police officers watching "CSI" or EMTs watching "Third Watch"! LOL!

Trevs Navy Wife said...

Nadine, I totally agree on the storyline of Denise and of LTC Burton...

But I have to in my FRG we are 1 unit for the entire Annapolis Area..Which is not fun or easy to deal with by any means. So I totally agree that it's not a reality, and when they make it that's INSANE!!

Ok that's my 2 cents...

I too am and AW's junkie!!