Friday, July 18, 2008

RaNdOm FrIdAy ThOuGhTs

Just a few random thoughts for today...

Visiting Teaching
I had a great time visiting teaching this morning. I'm so grateful for the visiting teaching program in our church. I love getting to know new people. It was a great way to start the day.

Missed Phone Calls
Going out to my truck after my visit, I noticed I missed a call from Kevin. Though disheartening, I was grateful for it because he left a voicemail which means I can replay it anytime I want to hear his voice!

Email and digital photographs
Upon returning home, I had an email from "My Love" (as that is how he is entered in my address book). In it was two pics...yay!!! They are from his promotion and I am so happy to see him. The first one he looks so serious and the second he is happy being silly with one of his Soldiers.

AFTB Classes
I got to teach an AFTB class to a group of Soldiers at our Reception Battalion here at Fort Hood. I loved it! They were all so great, it was such a fun atmosphere to teach in. Reminds me why I love doing this!

I signed online and saw that a buddy of ours was signed in. He is currently deployed to Kuwait and we had a great chat. It was nice to be able to have such a versatile conversation with him. We've been friends over 9 years and it's nice to know when someone asks a question they want the honest answer. We had some laughs and I admit I shed some tears as he asked me some tough questions. Be safe "M", we miss you and love you...God Bless

Until Next Time...

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