Monday, July 28, 2008

New Shoes and Misc Pics

Kevin hadn't even been in Iraq 48 hours when someone decided to stalk him to the showers and steal his running shoes. This bothers me on two levels: 1 - why would you wanna steal someone else's funky shoes?!? Especially shoes someone has been sweating in, like seriously folks it averaged 125 degrees..ewwwwwww! (yes, sadly I know some people don't care, like the thief who stole the shoes!) 2 - if Soldiers are gonna steal your shoes, do you want them watching your back? Maybe it was one of the guys leaving who spent all his cash at the PX buying nonsense items that they carry there like a new flat screen or iPod and he couldn't afford new shoes to run home in. Whatever the reason is and whomever it was, hope they are enjoying them!

I ordered Kevin a new pair and he was quite happy. Looking at the pic and seeing how nice they look, I'm thinking I should have sent him a Walmart pair to use as a decoy...just in case the shoe thief is still among them!
For some reason Kevin always takes a pic of his shadow..not sure what the fascination is with that.

And I just love this pic..isn't he just the cutest with the best smile!!
I'm pretending that he's laughing with that silly look because someone tried to tell them their wife was the best thing ever and his response was, "don't be foolish, my wife is the bomb diggity!"


J.R. and Michelle said...

Okay SERIOUSLY people, Stealing someones sweaty running shoes! Ick! Especially with him in the shower; that means they were probably still warm...... (shiver).... ewwwwwww! And then the gross factor aside I am ashamed of one service member who will intentially wish any misfortune on another, especially when deployed together. They KNOW that he needs his shoes there, and can't just run to Walmart to buy more. Ugh. Okay I'll get off my soapbox now, but I am just disgusted. The new shoes are pretty sweet though. Maybe he can get someone to put a tracking device in them! LOL!

Totally Army Mom said...

Wow - that is one handsome man!! Getting pictures is the best. Bummer about the shoes - but, hopefully they are being loved by their new owner....