Monday, July 28, 2008

The Case of the Missing MP3 Player

Neil has been missing his MP3 player for a couple months now. Kevin was still home when we discovered it was gone. We had begun to wonder if he didn't take it to school and maybe it was lost or stolen. So many tears, oceans of them as he swore and swore it was somewhere in the house. We have torn this house apart and finally just gave up on it. Things have gone missing in the past, glasses, toys, homework (haha), never to be seen again.

Well about 20 minutes ago I heard a bustling of excitement from upstairs and silly little boy giggling! The mystery is solved!!! The MP3 play has been found!

Neil found it where he keeps his most prized possessions, because it's in a black case and was in the dark corner of his shelf, he repeatedly overlooked it. So all the arguing and chastizing of putting it where it's supposed to be and all that other nonsense we rambled at him, was unfounded.

Mystery solved!


J.R. and Michelle said...

Yay! I swear it's when stuff is where it should be that you can't end up finding it, and getting frustrated! I bet he is happy to have it back.

The Millhouse Family said...

ROFL... that face is classic!!

Totally Army Mom said...

What a great victory picture!