Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I ♥ the Army

I just love Army life (granted there are not so great aspects of the Army that do exist) but where else can you drive down the road and see things like in the pic. I love seeing Army training, smelling the dust kicked up in the air and feeling that sense of pride of being a part of that lifestyle. We were driving to the drive in last night and came across these vehicles driving around. I loved it and naturally had to take pics. I just love the Army!

I also love the Army because of certain traditions and regulations. One being retreat that is done everyday on post at 5:00 p.m. Retreat signifies the end of the work day. It is done with a bugle call. Regulation states that if you are outdoors during retreat you stop what you are doing, face the direction of the flag or the music and render honors...first standing at the position of attention and then saluting. You do this during the entire "song". Well if you happen to be driving on post when this occurs, you should stop, pull over and honor the occasion. Soldiers are to get out of the car and civilians can too if they feel so inclined.

Why am I mentioning retreat? I happened to come on post right around 5:00 and thus had the opportunity to observe this ceremony. Sadly, the people behind me were in a rush to get where they needed to go and were not happy with the fact that I followed regulation. It didn't matter to them that everyone was stopped on the road, many Soldiers outside their cars. My boys and I sat silently in the car (like you should) waiting for it to be completed. The two cars behind me decided to honk their horns. I didn't care. After the music ended, I stepped out of my car to let them know I didn't care for their attitudes and explained what I was doing. Neither cared.

I know there are people who find it annoying. One thing I love about the Army is their customs and their traditions. I quite enjoy participating and honoring our country and those serving our country in this simple but meaningful ways. It saddens me that many can't appreciate the little things. I figure if my husband can sit in 125 degree weather enduring sandstorms for my freedom, I can stand and honor tradition for 60-90 seconds.

My message to you is if you happen to be on post at 1700, do the right thing and if you can't be bothered to do the right thing, well don't get caught behind me, because rest assured I will be stopping my car and honoring tradition and regulation!


Michelle said...

I am so like you when it comes to Army traditions. I will also stop my car and get out. It irritates me that people think they are too busy to be bothered. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that feels that way.

Jason & Dorshan said...

AMEN sista! btw... thanks for hanging out yesterday. It was fun. :) Trent asked if "those boys... Nadine's boys are they coming today?" LOL

Trevs Navy Wife said...

This Navy fam is the same way!! We stop if the kids are playing outside and Katrina will put her hand on her heart, if other kids aren't doing it....she gets sooooooo mad!! And once it is finished she will tell them, "you need to respect the flag." I am thankful for the traditions of the military and most of all for the respect and dignity for the flag it has allowed me to teach my children!!
Thank you for sharing!!

J.R. and Michelle said...

I feel lucky to be part of military traditions. Living on the base we hear "the music" as Sierra always points out three times a day. Morning, 1700, and 2200. Sierra also stops playing, or sits quietly in the car with her hand on her heart. It makes me so proud that she is learning respect for her country and it's symbol of the flag young.